When it comes to outdoor living, most homeowners look for comfort, convenient and design as well as the durability of a product. Cast aluminum patio furniture has made many inroads as the material of choice of many people when furnishing their outdoor living space.

The method with which cast aluminum patio furniture is manufactured allows it to have intricate designs as well as strength. A wooden pattern is first designed to represent the item being made. Once it is completed, it is pressed into a sand mold, which leaves the exact impression of the item. This can include very intricate designs, which will also be pressed into the sand mold.

Molten aluminum is then poured into the mold creating an exact replica of the wooden mold pressed into the sand. Once the aluminum cools and hardens the sand is knocked away and the piece is finished as necessary by sanding and painting. The cast aluminum patio furniture can be left on the patio throughout the winter since aluminum is known for its ability to stand up to the elements.

Iron Rapidly Falling From Grace

For many years cast iron and wrought iron were the metals of choice for outdoor furniture but both are now being passed up as cast aluminum patio furniture continues to grow in popularity. Aluminum does not carry the rust threat that iron does and the paint does not peel as regularly. The weight of cast iron is considerably more than cast aluminum patio furniture and it is available in many designs.

From trellises for gardens to table and chair sets cast aluminum patio furniture can be used to accent other patio furniture or offer a space for more intimate conversations. Items such as a small table and a couple of chairs can make space for after dinner seating for coffee or other beverage.

Due to the intricate design capabilities of cast aluminum patio furniture set  cross weave appearance is possible on tables, chairs, chaise lounges and just about anywhere you would appreciate the design. Being able to mass produce cast aluminum patio furniture has made it one of the leading metals used for outdoor applications. If the paint get damaged on a piece of cast aluminum patio furniture the bare metal will not be damaged to exposure to the elements. You can also set up pieces of similar design throughout your yard or patio to maintain consistency in your outdoor décor.